Physics and its importance in Sports

Do you know that Physics has been widely used in sports? The players might not be that familiar with it but physics are used everywhere… the actually trajectory of a free throw in basketball or perhaps the force used in order to hit that three point shot. The angles sufficient in billiard, all are accomplished with the help of physics…..

The Difference Between Physics and Physical Science

Some students and even those who already graduated often mistake Physical Science and Physics as the same field of Studies. Physical Science is more of studying the organic world which is much closer to Biological Science. While in Physics, well we know that it is more on the knowledge of force and impacts on the environment….

Famous People Who Made Names in Physics

The field of physics, it deals with the immutable laws that represent the whole universe. Some of the greatest names in this discipline, including Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Niels Bohr, just to give some names. Their contributions along the essential discoveries of others have given us a superior comprehension of our reality. Here is a list that includes probably the most famous people who made names in physics all through history, all together of the reputation of their work. And those people are called Physicists, they are the researchers who study the field of material science in incredible subtle element. They direct research into physical phenomena or the common science that include the examinations of matter and related ideas. They break down the general happenings in nature and attempt to see how the universe carries on.

Albert Einstein is popular for advancing the Theory of Relativity. At the age of 17 years old, Albert Einstein enlisted to finish and get his showing certificate in the field of physical science and math at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. He debated with Niels Bohr, the other author of quantum mechanics. In 1905, Einstein distributed On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies, this contained his hypothesis on relativity.

Galileo Galilei has become famous for providing a mathematical analysis of the relationship between physics and astronomy. Galileo is known for his analysis and speculations in the field of bodies in movement. His work in astronomy, math and physics and the blend of these sciences got to be instrumental in the study and comprehension of the universe beyond us.

Marie Curie discovered radioactivity nature of thorium and the revelation of polonium and radium. She is known for presenting methods in the field of radioactivity for detaching isotopes. Marie was instrumental in the revelation of the components known as polonium and radium.